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Fresno - Mad Duck Copper Ave. - Interior


As a commercial construction-focused general contractor, we seamlessly guide our clients through every stage of their project journey, from initial concepts to final occupancy. By offering comprehensive services, we streamline processes, reduce costs, and centralize project accountability, ensuring budget adherence, contract compliance, and overall project control.

Our approach facilitates early involvement, allowing us to provide accurate budget estimates, explore alternatives, and conduct trade-off analyses as the design evolves. This proactive engagement fosters heightened project interest and encourages competitive subcontractor involvement, ultimately driving efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Through meticulous organization and swift mobilization, we maintain a steadfast commitment to timely completion across all phases. 

Interior: Fresno - Mad Duck Copper Ave.


At Paden & Bletscher Construction, we employ a variety of methods and techniques to ensure each phase of construction progresses smoothly and adheres to established timelines and budgets:


  • Conceptual Estimating & Cost Comparison

  • Methods Analysis

  • Market Research

  • Planning & Schedule Control 


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